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Discretionary Effort Program

Do you know how to tap into the employee productivity, performance, and passion that hides beneath the surface of your organization’s culture? 

Are you and your leadership team...

  • Ready to understand the untapped power and potential of discretionary effort and what it can do?
  • Willing to learn new ways of connecting with the hearts and minds of your workforce, releasing new levels of trust, respect, and committed action?
  • Excited about creating work conditions and a culture that will engage your workforce and ignite employee performance and productivity?
  • Determined to understand and address “blind spots” that will unlock your peak
    leadership potential?
  • Willing to relate to followers in a way that naturally brings forth their commitment, extra effort and sense of ownership on a consistent basis over time?
  • Energized by learning simple, yet powerful ways of interacting with co-workers that bring forth ALL their skills, knowledge, abilities, creativity and intellectual capital to your business?
  • Committed to drive the performance and output of work teams as you harness untapped passion, energy and creativity while igniting collaboration through your humanness?

Creating Legacies, LLC’s Discretionary Effort: Tapping the Source of Organizational Power is an innovative, transformational learning experience that offers profound insights and practical applications that empower you and your leadership team to fine-tune and expand your relational skills while creating a culture that brings out the untapped potential of your workforce.

This program is a focused, one-day learning experience - followed by a one-YEAR coaching program (our Culture of Support System) - that engages leaders in an advanced, cutting-edge learning experience. You and your leadership team will leave this program equipped with the perceptions, skills, and actions necessary to create the conditions and culture needed for employees to discover, acknowledge, release, and optimize their discretionary effort. Just imagine learning new, effective and life-enriching ways to increase organizational performance, profits, and employee satisfaction. What would that make possible?

What This Program Provides to You and Your Leadership Team

Discretionary Effort: Tapping the Source of Organizational Power is facilitated in a relaxed and powerful learning context, revealing to you new insights and practices that will open up new ways of tapping into discretionary effort that was previously unavailable to you. It’s a well-grounded, moderately paced program that will help you and your leadership team to...

  • Gain clarity on exactly what it takes to create the working conditions and culture that will inspire employees to discover, acknowledge, release and optimize their discretionary effort
  • Implement powerful daily practices that will help you to connect to the hearts and minds of your staff, dramatically expanding (and perhaps restoring) trust, respect, and commitment to action
  • Increase your competency as a compassionate, mindful, and appreciative leader who is connected with and engaged with those you lead
  • Enjoy greater meaning and satisfaction in your work as you create environments in which others can naturally and willingly contribute and thrive
  • Experience more presence, power, and excellence in performance as a leader, inspiring and influencing those around to step forward and do the same
  • Significantly enhance and fine-tune your communication skills as you learn new ways to see yourself and those you lead in a culture that promotes open communication and a commitment to excellence and service

Why You Should Bring This Program Into Your Organization

You and your leadership team are committed to excelling in leadership and creating an organizational environment that fosters peak performance, job satisfaction, and continuous growth and development. You recognize that in order for employees to give their best, they must work in the conditions and culture that continuously invites and acknowledges their best. You are committed to your own growth and fulfillment and to the growth and fulfillment of those you lead. You’re ready to tap into deeper levels of organizational power - discretionary effort.

Our Commitment to You and Your Team

We stand as a commitment to your success and fulfillment as a leader - and as a human being. Our commitment is to deliver a high-quality program and follow-up support that will open your leadership and life to new possibilities, and that will empower you to lead with greater confidence, clarity, passion, purpose and effectiveness.

What’s the Next Step?

We request that you contact us to (1) begin a conversation about how and when we can bring this powerful program into your organization, or (2) request a proposal to learn the specifics about the program, including our innovative program design, facilitation, and follow-up support system. Here’s our contact information:

Steven B. Reed, Consultant and Program Facilitator
Phone: (317) 697-4467
E-mail: sreed@creatinglegaciesllc.com

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